Testable Materials and Operating Methods of Tensile Machines

Electronic tensile machines testable materials: Electronic tensile machine can test the force value of various metal materials and non-metal materials, including rubber, plastic, plastic, film, textile, fiber, nano material, polymer material, composite material, Packaging tape, paper, wire and cable, fiber optic cable, safety belt, safety belt, leather belt, footwear, tape, polymer, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, casting, steel plate, steel strip, non-ferrous metal, auto parts, alloy.

How to properly operate the electronic tension machine and the points that need attention during the operation:
1.When using the electronic tension machine, carefully read the technical manual, familiar with the technical indicators, work performance, use methods, and pay attention to the matters, strictly follow the prescribed steps of the instrument manual.
2.The electronic tension machine must be operated under the guidance of skilled staff.
3.The electronic tension machine and other equipment used in the experiment should be placed neatly, easy to manipulate, observe and record.
4.Before the electric tension machine is energized, ensure that the power supply voltage meets the input voltage value specified by the electronic tension machine. The electronic tension machine equipped with the three-wire power plug must be inserted into the power supply socket with protective grounding to ensure safety.
5. When using the electronic tension machine, its input signal or external load should be limited to the specified range, and overload operation is prohibited.
6.The electronic tension machine must be operated with no load before use to ensure that it can be loaded without any trouble. Lubricate before use, wipe clean after use, pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance.
7.The electronic tension machine cannot be used for disassembly or disassembly.
8.Frequently carry out the maintenance and maintenance of the electronic tension machine, and store it in the dry and ventilated place. If the electronic tension machine is too long, it should be powered on regularly to prevent the mold from damaging the parts of the electronic tension machine.

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