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Testing Equipment Needed In Printing Industry

4 kinds of testing equipment are needed in printing industry:
Double light source colour matching stand
1. Friction tester/friction tester:
It is suitable for testing the wear resistance of ink layer, photosensitive layer of PS plate and surface coating of related products. Effectively analyze the problems of poor rubbing resistance, ink shedding, low printing resistance of PS plate and poor coating hardness of other products.

2. Light source platform:
It is used in printing, lacquer making, ink, plastics, printing and dyeing and other industries involving color observation and matching.

3. Ink layer binding fastness tester:
It is suitable for gravure printing process to produce plastic film and cellophane upholstery printing (including composite film printing) to test the bonding fastness of printing ink layer. It can also be used to test the adhesion state of the surface layer formed by vacuum coating, surface coating and composite technology.

4. Gas Chromatography (Ink Solvent Residue Detector):
Solvent residue detector, packaging gas chromatography, is mainly suitable for packaging and related enterprises to carry out solvent residue, odor analysis, ink solvent residue, solvent purity analysis applications. There are many kinds of gas chromatograph on the market, but the gas chromatograph in packaging industry is not completely applicable to the detection of products in other industries.

These are commonly used equipment in the printing industry. In addition to the above equipment, there are many other equipment that can be purchased if necessary, such as ink proofing instrument, paper ink absorptivity tester, printing adaptability tester and so on.

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