Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

The Air Cooling and Water Cooling of Fast Temperature Test Chamber Analyzed

In environmental testing equipment industry, generally have the cooling system of temperature test chamber, air cooling and water cooling for most test equipment: high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber are air-cooled refrigeration compressor is given priority to, relative to the temperature requirements more stringent equipment: temperature shock test chamber and rapid temperature test chamber is part adopts water cooling way.
The most onerous conditions rapid temperature test chamber is to realize the rapid transformation of temperature in the short term, such as temperature gradient to reach 10 ℃ per minute, relative to temperature shock test chamber is 10 times as much.
If air cooling way is use, it need to configure multiple sets of compressor mutual coordination, cooperate with high-power convulsions device, refrigeration components (composed of fin, light pipe, a cooling fan), this way the production cost is low, installation, debugging, convenient and quick.
Due to strong degree work, machine once affected by the environment of high temperature will make a big noise, affect the equipment operation, the current Beijing hengtai garfunkel test equipment co., LTD., breakthrough technology limitations, improvement on refrigeration hardware design and construction, can be realized under the condition of the air-cooled extreme temperature conditions do not affect the service life of equipment.
The water cooling of the rapid temperature test chamber is a mature technology in China and a common method to solve the bad temperature environment.
As the name of water cooling is the water circulation, the main components are composed of water tower, water pipe and water pump.
Rapid temperature test chamber of water-cooled cooling effect by the high temperature weather is small, high cooling efficiency, long service life of equipment, can achieve more extreme temperature conditions, for a more rapid cooling and low temperature keep the effect is obvious.
Water tower is the most critical parts of the water, the water tower water capacity of the general advice is 8 to 16 tons, water tower can't put indoor, can only put a roof or downstairs, and also a trouble when the maintenance, the pipe must be wrapped, otherwise easy to sun crack or frostbite, etc., and production costs are higher than that of air-cooled, environmental factors, frequency of maintenance times according to the machine grounds than air-cooled, because water-cooled cooling system installed in the outdoor water tower, water pipes have impurities, dirt easily.

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