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The Attention And Maintenance Of Drying Oven

The Attention And Maintenance Of Drying Oven:

1.1. Before use, check if the voltage is correct, only the voltage on the machine board can be used to avoid overpower, and the wire will be fired.

2.2. When the display temperature is very different from the actual temperature (measured by the standard thermometer),don’t adjust the part of the circuit board at will, and the company should be informed of the treatment.

3.3. Please do not open the machine when the temperature changes in the process.

4.4. Do not place in damp places in case of leakage.

5.5. Please do not flush the water directly in case of leakage.

6.6. Prohibition of the occurrence of inflammable and explosive substances, such as alcohol, additives, etc., with volatile substances in the machine stand.

7.7. Do not use combustible goods near the machine stand to prevent accidents.

8.Please carefully put the items in the machine.

9.9. If there is a timer (temperature timing), at this time, AL light will indicate that the temperature has been set.

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