Vibration Test Machine

The Development History of Vibration Test

The vibration test began to germinate about four or fifty years ago. When the theory was established, it did not help people to believe that it was important. Up to the two World War, many aircraft, ships, vehicles and equipment were used, the accidental discovery of the loss of the machine parts was quite high. The results of the study found that most of them were due to their structure. The long time resonance caused by its own, or the carrying of the articles to bear the resonance of the transport, is caused by the loose and cracked components, and the loss of the parts is caused by the loss of the parts.
When the result was released, vibration testing was paid attention to by all sectors and invested heavily in manpower and manpower. Later, after the establishment of modern theory of vibration measurement analysis and simulation analysis, the method and logic of vibration testing have been improved. In particular, the frequent circulation of goods makes vibration testing more important.

The purpose of the vibration test is to make a series of controllable vibration simulations in the test, to test whether the product can withstand the test of transportation or vibration environmental factors during the life cycle, and also to determine the requirements for product design and function.
According to statistics, the design level of 3% will be increased by 20%, and 18% of all unnecessary expenditures will be reduced. Vibration simulation is based on different purposes, such as resonance search, resonance resident, cyclic scanning, random vibration and stress screening.

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