1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

The Difference Between Water Cooling and Air Cooling in Impact Test Chamber

Impact test chamber cooling way is divided into: unit refrigeration, liquid nitrogen cooling, cooling, air cooling, water cooling, the difference between this kind of noun may be more, the real difference is that the meaning of "air" refers to the natural cooling, generally suitable for small power products, if the impact test box using the environment temperature is low or keep for a long time in 5 to 25 ℃, and had convulsions device.
In order to ensure the equipment to work in a comfortable environment, prolong the service life.
"Water cooling" takes advantage of the fluidity of water temperature to dissipate heat, need to install the water tower with equivalent water amount according to impact box, general proposal is 8-16 tons, water tower cannot put indoor, can put housetop or downstair only, and when maintaining more trouble, water pipe must be packed, otherwise very easy sunburst or frostbite.

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