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The Effect of Low Pressure Environment on Product Performance

Many product test reports and field visits reflect that air pressure reduction has an important effect on product performance. The direct effect of air pressure reduction on the product is mainly the pressure difference caused by air pressure change. It creates a pressure on the outer shell of the sealed product, which can damage the seal and reduce the reliability of the product under this pressure. However, the main effect of air pressure reduction is due to the reduction of atmospheric density due to air pressure reduction, which will greatly affect the performance of the product.

There are three main effects on product performance:

1. The temperature rise of the heat dissipation product increases with the decrease of atmospheric pressure

The electrical and electronic products are a lot of heating products, such as motor, transformer, contactor, resistor and so on. These products consume a portion of their electrical energy into heat, which heats up and heats up. The temperature is raised by heating, which is called temperature rise. The temperature rise of the cooling products increases with the decrease of atmospheric pressure, and increases with the increase of sea level. Result in the product's performance degradation or operation instability and other phenomena.

2. The influence of low pressure on sealing products

The influence of low pressure on the sealed product is mainly due to the pressure difference of atmospheric pressure. The pressure difference causes a force to point from high pressure to low pressure. Under this force, the gas flow is balanced. For sealed products, the shell will bear the force. This force can cause the deformation of the shell and the failure of the sealing parts.

3. The effect of low pressure on electrical properties

The increase of the pressure of the sea level will reduce the pressure, and the electrical performance of electrical and electronic products will also be affected.In particular, with air as an insulating medium, the effect of low pressure on equipment is more significant.Under normal atmospheric conditions, air can be a better insulating medium, and many electrical products use air as an insulating medium.These products are used in high sea area or as airborne equipment, because atmospheric pressure is reduced, and local discharge is often generated near the electrode with strong electric field, which is called corona.What's more, air gaps sometimes break through.This means that the normal working state of the device is broken.High and low temperature low pressure test chamber for the electronics industry, national defense, aerospace and scientific research institutes to determine the electronic products (including components, materials, equipment, the whole machine) under the effect of high and low temperature low pressure at the same time, the assessment of product quality and reliability of the special equipment, electric performance parameters can be measured and stored at the same time and the use of the ability to adapt many kinds of test.

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