2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

The Function of Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray test chamber is adopt the way of salt fog corrosion to test the reliability of the measured samples, salt fog refers to the atmosphere is made up of tiny droplets containing salt dispersion system, which is one of the artificial environment is three series, a lot of enterprise products to the surrounding ocean climate cause destructive to product, so the salt spray test chamber should to do.

Salt spray test cases have been widely used in machinery, defense and light industrial electronics.

In fact, the salt spray test is to determine the corrosion resistance of a product under certain conditions, which is generally tested under atmospheric conditions. The inside of the salt spray testing machine, salt fog on the surface of the metal material corrosion, is mainly due to the salt fog of chloride ion penetration the oxide layer on the surface of the metal and then with the protective layer and internal metal electrochemical reaction happened. The acid or alkalinity of the product can be tested. Atmospheric environment is the most corrosion environment, when tested in the atmosphere, you will find the change of the oxygen from the atmosphere, temperature, air humidity and pollution are the main composition of corrosion and corrosion factors. Salt fog is a major corrosive element in the atmosphere and is destructive. Mainly refers to the atmosphere of chloride, which is derived from the sea or some heavy saline-alkali land in the mainland. The main ingredient is sodium chloride.

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