The Importance of Floor Caster Test

Floor caster test is based on standards of EN 985, EN425, EN 13329, ISO 4918, ISO 10581, GB-T11982, GB-T4085, ANSI-NALFA-LF-01-2008.3.6, ANSI-NALFA-LF-
01-2011 and so on.

This machine simulates the wear and damage of office chair caster to ground and its cover, so that to test the change and stability of surface on elastic paving material, laminated floor material and its joint. The caster moves in an outer cycloid, and the direction of motion is changeable. The caster passes through different frequencies when the movement stops and begins many times. After test, evaluate the wear and tear of the product according to the load, speed and trajectory specified in the standard.

As showed below, the sample is buckle type floor. And during the test, the machine stops because of the seam of buckle drops. This machine is the last step of R&D department of manufacturers. Otherwise, if the the products cause any after-sales problem and increase the cost.

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