2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

The Importance of the Spray Device in the Salt Spray Test Chamber

The salt spray test chamber is mainly used for salt spray corrosion test through the spray system, so as to test the anti-salt spray corrosion ability of material protective layers such as electronic components, metals and components.

The spray system is composed of compressed air supply, salt water tank, sprayer and other components, and the requirements for each part in the spray system are the same. The sprayer material produced by the system to spray zero is the factor influencing the different reaction of salt solution.

Therefore, the user should choose the mist sprayer device which can produce fine, moist and dense fog particle device for configuration.

Introduction to the spray system of salt spray test chamber:

(1) the equipment adopts tower sprayer, guided salt fog, fine mist particles, natural settlement, no salt crystallization of nozzle, and the settlement amount is adjustable

(2) the spray gas will be subjected to two-stage pressure stabilization and pressure regulation, and oil filtration and humidification preheating will be carried out at the same time

(3) the atomized brine storage will be built in concealed type with large storage capacity, and the brine will be equipped with preheating function

(4) before brine atomization, it is equipped with quartz brine filter element to avoid blockage of nozzle impurities and terminate the test;

(5) the air pressure is between 0.2mpa ~ 0.4mpa and the spray pressure is between 0.05mpa ~ 0.17mpa

(6) the spray mode of the equipment can be continuous, intermittent spray and can be adjusted at will. In addition, all the pipes in the test box can be adjusted

Both are made of reinforced fluorosilicone rubber tube;

The above salt mist test chamber sprayer is selected tower spray, the height of the sprayer can be adjusted according to its own requirements. After the spray device is used, the compressed air of the sprayer shall be cleaned of impurities, such as oil, dust and other impurities generated inside.

The spray device is one of the key factors for the spray in the salt spray test chamber, which can be used to judge whether the spray in the test chamber is smooth or not

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