1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

The Maintenance Method of UV Weatherable Tester

1.Keep the appearance of the box clean and tidy: Avoid Dust Invading the box; Avoid External Force hitting the box; prohibit chemical contact with the equipment.
2.Keep the laboratory dry environment: absolutely forbid to set the temperature beyond the maximum temperature of this equipment; check the circuit control system every time before starting.
3.Confirm the power supply and ground wire: whether the power supply wire is connected properly according to the specification and is grounded; check whether the over-temperature Protector is set
4.The ventilation fan should be installed in the laboratory, the ventilation should be maintained, the water level of the water tank should be observed, the pure water should be replenished in time, and the waste water discharge system of the equipment should be installed in place.
5.After the test, cut off the power supply of the whole machine; after each test, take out the sample and clean the inner tank of the equipment.

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