The Maintenance Of Charpy Impact Tester

1. The pendulum should be unloaded in the process of moving so as not to destroy the relevant parts by shaking.

2. Do not put the unused pendulum together with the adjacent pendulum, so as to avoid the deformation of the pendulum caused by the compression and bending of the pendulum bar.

3. The parts of the pendulum shall not be disassembled or replaced at will, so as to avoid the change of the pendulum moment and the position of the strike center.

4. If it is found that the operating mechanism is not working properly, the pendulum or the bolt cannot be detached, the parts concerned can be removed and cleaned with kerosene, and a little lubricant is applied, and the parts can be reassembled in situ.

5. If there are no abnormal reasons, the pointer after air strike should point to the zero position of the dial. The computer display is 0.01J. If the pointer deviates from the zero position after air strike and exceeds 0.1% of the maximum impact energy of the corresponding pendulum, and the calculation display is not 0, the following points can be checked: whether the cantilever pendulum impact testing machine has found the level well, and the position of the active needle. Whether the adjustment is correct and tightened, whether the pendulum rod has bending deformation, whether the friction of the testing machine increases, the nut and flange cover should be tightened reliably, so as to avoid the axial movement of the ball bearing and the pendulum shaft.

6. The failure of the swing may be due to the loose belt of the motor and the failure of the electromagnetic clutch. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the belt tightness, repair the electromagnetic clutch and eliminate the failure.


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