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1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

The Purpose and Test Requirements of the Thermal Shock Test Chamber

The thermal shock test chamber is used to test the material structure or composite material, and it can be tolerated in a continuous environment of high temperature and low temperature in an instant. It is suitable for use in scientific research, schools, factories, military and other units for electricians, electronic products, semiconductors. Adaptability tests of various materials such as electronic circuit boards, metal materials, and bearings in a temperature-changing environment.

1. Thermal shock box Test purpose: To determine the adaptability and damaging of the test product when the ambient temperature changes rapidly.
2, test conditions: high temperature box: RT ~ 150 ° C, low temperature box: RT ~ -40 ° C, test temperature retention time: 1h or until the test sample reaches temperature stability, whichever is longer, the number of cycles: for different industries Different manufacturers have different test requirements and are tested according to the test methods on the standard.
3.Recovery: After the test product is taken out from the hot and cold impact box, it should be restored under normal test atmospheric conditions until the test sample reaches temperature stability.
4. Requirements for hot and cold shock boxes:
a. The thermal shock test is performed using a high temperature chamber and a low temperature chamber to provide an ambient temperature at which the test sample is subjected to abrupt changes in ambient air temperature.
b. The requirements of the high temperature zone shall comply with the requirements specified in the provisions of Chapter 3 of GJB150.3-86 "High Temperature Test for Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment".
c. The requirements of the low temperature zone shall comply with the requirements specified in Articles 3 of GJB 150.4-86 "Cryogenic Tests for Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment".
d. The hot and cold impact box provides the high temperature test part and the low temperature test part, which shall comply with the requirements specified in the respective chapters of Chapters GJB150.3-86 and GJB150.4-86.
e. The volume of the test chamber should be such that the test sample (room) temperature within the test sample (room) can reach the test condition tolerance specified in 3.2 of GJB150.1-89 when the test sample is placed in the candidate for more than 10% of the test temperature holding time.
5. Control system:
The conversion time of low temperature zone and high temperature zone is ≤15s.
Temperature recovery time ≤ 5min.
6, reference standard:
GB/T2423.1.2, GB/T2423.2, GB10592, GJB150.3, GJB150.4

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