The quality of a qualified synthetic resin tile must meet the following criteria

1.The synthetic flame retardant flame retardant grade is B1 grade of plastic standard. It is recommended to adopt EU test standard EN ISO 11925, fire test time 30s, fire grade B grade + smoke grade s1 grade + drip grade d0, namely: Combustion performance rating: B-s1, d0 indicator is better.

2.Synthetic resin tile bending and flexibility grade standards, it is recommended to send the raw materials to a professional third-party testing and inspection company to do the test, synthetic resin tile using ISO 178:2010/Amd.1:2013 testing standards, it is recommended that the resin tile bending strength reaches 77.0MPa The flexural modulus is preferably 3100 MPa.

3.Resin tile tensile strength grade standard, ISO 527-1:2012 & ISO 527-2:2012 test standard is recommended, it is recommended that the tensile strength of resin tile reaches 42.6MPa.

4.Resin tile anti-shock and compressive strength standards are better to resist 50 tons of heavy material rolling.

5.ASA resin is a high weathering grade standard, ensuring that the ASA resin tile has a UV-resistant life of more than 20 years, and the surface color of the product does not change for 20 years.

6.The resin tile is subjected to anti-aging test standards of more than 6,000 hours, and its purpose is to detect the high temperature resistance and ultraviolet resistance of the resin tile quality.

7.Focus on the anti-corrosion quality of resin tiles, the quality standard is better than 20 years.


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