2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

The Rain Test Chamber of the Automobile

The rain test chamber of the automobile is a guarantee for the sealing parts, such as the shell and cover of the electrical and electronic products, after the water test or during the test. The test method is not suitable for the corrosion test and the large temperature difference between the water and the specimen, such as the increase of the influent caused by the pressure change and the thermal shock. This experiment includes artificial rain tests based on natural conditions, but usually does not consider the natural rainfall with strong wind speed; it can be used as the reference basis for the technical standard of the product.

The use requirements of the rain test chamber are: the sample is placed in the middle position of the rain test chamber when the rain is required. It requires the ground of the rain test chamber to make the positioning device. It is convenient for the operator to put the sample in the specified position. Taking into account the uniformity of the rain, the sprinkler device in the chamber should cover the whole area and design the whole rain according to the relevant parameters. The raining area of the rain test chamber can meet the size requirements of the entire series of cars listed on the line. The rain test chamber can meet the national standard QCT476-2007 for testing the waterproof and sealing performance of passenger cars. In the rain system, the circulating water system is used to set up the circulating pool. The circulating water pool requires easy cleaning and filtering of impurities, easy drainage and easy water intake. The rain test chamber is set for the whole vehicle.

The automobile leaching test chamber is mainly used for the examination shell and sealing parts of electronic and electrical products, and can ensure the good working performance of the equipment and components in the test of water or during the test. This raining room is exquisitely manufactured and luxurious in appearance. They are made up of storage tanks, glass walls, sprinklers, sprinklers and turntables. The performance of body water seal mainly examines the ability of the vehicle to prevent water from entering the passenger compartment and the trunk in the environment of rain and car washing and closing the door, window and hole cover. It is the most basic requirement of the car's sealing property. The leakage points are mainly manifested in poor sealing of windshield, bad sealing of wire harness sheath, poor sealing of adhesive strips, bad sealing of thread connection, stamping defects and welding deformation, etc. This paper gives a brief account of the causes and control measures for the leaking of the rain in the medium and small cars, and expounds the use of the four technical knowledge of automobile manufacturing to control the leaking rain water leakage test chamber, which is called the artificial rain test based on the natural conditions, without heavy wind speed, and does not consider the sample. Large inflow of water caused by high temperature and temperature difference between rainwater. The automobile raining test chamber is mainly used to check whether the product shell / seal is able to guarantee the good working performance and technical state of the equipment and components after water test or in the test. At the same time, the product may be affected by immersion in the course of transportation and use, so as to provide references for the technical standard of products.

In order to improve the qualified rate of vehicle raining, effective control of the manufacturing process is carried out, the rain seal group is set up, the rain QC engineering table is compiled, the management and maintenance of the raining detection equipment are strengthened, and the abnormal condition of the raining testing equipment and the windshield gumming equipment is done well. Certificate, (in the case of mass or major leakage accidents, the performance parameters of the measures in the QC project should be re validated) and the three stage process discipline inspection is used to cooperate with the process monitoring. The improvement of the water seal performance of the vehicle must strengthen the process control, starting from the production practice of the company and the company process. The implementation of documents shall be subject to inspection and supervision of process discipline, so as to improve execution.

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