1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

The Reason Why The Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Does Not Cool

One of the hottest issues at the moment is why temperature humidity test chamber will be uncooled, which has been plaguing many users. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is the adaptability of the simulated products in the high temperature, low temperature and humid heat alternating environment. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber needs to provide the temperature and humidity required by the customer. If the temperature is too high or too low, the product test will be affected. The constant temperature and humidity test will be carried out. The box has automatic heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying capabilities.
The heating device of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is the main device for controlling the temperature. When the control system receives the heating command, the heating device will output the DC voltage to the relay and the solid state relay. The AC terminal is equivalent to the wire connection, and the controller passes. Add on the solid state relay on-off regulation.
The cooling rate is an important parameter to judge the performance of a constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The cooling temperature consists of four major parts: compressor, condenser, throttling device and evaporator. In order to solve everyone's troubles as soon as possible, the following small series will discuss this issue with everyone.
Factor one:
1. If the temperature of the constant temperature and humidity equipment is not maintained for a long time, it is necessary to first check whether the refrigeration compressor can be started normally during the operation of the test equipment, and the compressor can be started during the operation of the test equipment, which means that the electric appliance from the power supply to each compressor The lines are normal and there are no problems with the electrical appliances.
2. If there is no problem with the electrical system, check the refrigeration system of the equipment. Firstly, the low-temperature compressors of both groups of refrigeration units and the exhaust and suction pressures are lower than the normal pressure, and the suction pressures are all in an evacuated state, which indicates that the refrigerant of the compressor is insufficient.
Factor two:
1, the cause of the failure has not been determined, combined with the control process of the constant temperature and humidity equipment to further determine the cause of the failure, this equipment has two sets of refrigeration units.
2. One is the host group and the other is the auxiliary unit. When the cooling rate is relatively large, the two sets of units will work at the same time. If there is no temperature instability, the cooling rate will slowly decrease. In the temperature maintenance phase, once the auxiliary unit stops working and the main unit does not have cooling effect, the air in the working chamber will rise slowly. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the control system will start the auxiliary unit to cool down, and then the auxiliary unit stops. Run, so that the operation will fail.

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