1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

The Relation Between Test Box Size and Load

Believe that a lot of friends in addition to the test conditions when choosing test chamber will face the same problem, is the size of the box, the size of the internal testing space don't know how to choose, and even friends think that as long as the object to be tested in it, actually these schemes are wrong of choose and buy, standard, size and load box studio, there is a relationship between the following OTS is explained in this kind of relationship, hope I can be a guide for everyone to choose test chamber.

The test load should meet the following conditions simultaneously:

1. The total weight of the load shall not exceed 50 kg per cubic working chamber volume

2. The total volume of the load shall not exceed one-fifth of the volume of the studio

3. On any section perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction, the sum of the load area should not be greater than one-third of the workroom area, and the flow of air cannot be obstructed when the load is placed.

Above a few conditions can consult relevant standard to carry out!

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