5 Xenon Lamp Test Conditions And Standard

The Requirements of Car Accessories Samples For Xenon Lamp Aging Test

Xenon lamp aging test of material is currently one of the necessary test items by most auto enterprise. Because of the large number of non-metallic materials which are used widely by car, this paper will briefly introduces the sample requirements of several materials for the xenon lamps aging test.
1.1 Plastic Granule
A considerable portion of the interior and exterior accessories of the car is made of plastic. Some manufacturers directly send plastic granule to do the xenon lamp test and don’t know that the plastic granules can not fixed in the experiment as they are easy to roll and also too small to test performance. Therefore, plastic granules need to be transferred to sample, spline or finished product by injection molding for accurate aging test.
1.2 Transparent Plastic
When light shine on transparent plastic such as the outer layer of the dashboard transparent material, it will not only cause reflection, but also transmission. When sending samples for xenon lamp aging test, we should consider the influence of light passing through this layer of transparent material and then be reflected by other materials. So it is necessary to put the whole sample into the test chamber.
The decorative coating should be sprayed onto the sample or finished product to test the aging performance of the coating.
2.1 Painting on plastic
The finished product of the paint outside the body can be tested directly.
2.2 Coatings on tempered glass products
Auto glass coating also need to test, because most of the glass is tempered glass, so we should make corresponding specification (70 * 150 mm)for test rather than sending large finished products to test, because the test chamber volume is limited and tempered glass is difficult to cut.
2.3 Coating on a tubular material
The tubular sample is easy to rotate during the test, so the result is inaccurate. We should fix the tubular sample when doing the test.
Before doing aging test ,carpet yarn for interior decoration of car should be fixed to prevents the rotation during the test. In addition, there are rules for yarn winding, The winding number of the retention sample and test sample should be the same, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the test results.
4.Decorative wood grain
The wood grain parts used in car are not uniform in texture, so we should select two pieces of wood part with almost the same grain(one is for sample test, the other one is for retention), rather than choosing samples optionally, which will affect the precision of test result.
5.Rubber and leather
We usually send finished products of rubber and leather for the test. If the shape is irregular, it’s necessary to indicate which surface will be tested.
6.Multicomponent samples
Multicomponent samples such as steering wheel or visor, is composed of several parts with different materials, so it is better to send samples separately according to the material. After the experiment, all samples will be evaluated respectively. Because the bigger the illuminating area of sample is, the more smooth the surface is, the more accurate the test results will be. Therefore we should select samples with large smooth area for experimentation.

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