2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

The Round Bar Of The Salt Spray Chamber ACTS On The V-Shaped Sample Rack

The function of the salt spray chamber is a test equipment that "simulates the ocean climate and tests the corrosion resistance degree of products".Below small make up take everybody to see its sample frame how to use!Round bar: its inside is stainless steel, outside is plated with PVC board, generally suitable for moderate size or small products, according to the Angle, or use nylon rope hanging samples for testing;For example, if the screws are small, they will be soaked in water if placed on the v-shaped sample rack, which will affect our test results.Salt spray corrosion test can be carried out on the surface of round bar if the iron sheet is large but not heavy.V-type sample rack: it is made of PVC board, which is divided into 15℃ and 30℃ angles. If it is a standard device, it is 15℃. If the round rod on v-type sample rack is removed, it is 30℃.

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