Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

The Stability of Constant Temperture and Humidity Test Chamber

Constant Temperture and Humidity test chamber as a simulation of the high temperature, low temperature and constant temperature testing equipment, for each test process requires high stability and high data accuracy, stability can make test normal.In the production of constant temperature and humidity test chamber in the box body made a unique design and smoothly on the test plan of a series of test requirements, in order to test chamber can stable to obtain accurate test data, made the requirement of debugging.

In the daily use, a very large number of users will operate according to their instructions or according to the way they plan, and operate their test boxes better to achieve the optimal working conditions.The stability of the constant temperature and humidity test box is closely related to the refrigeration system, and the matching is perfect for every system structure and the accessories used in the box.Test chamber in the single stage refrigeration cycle is commonly used with temperature refrigerant R404A, and actual of the low temperature in the oven is about 36.5 ℃, which is through the compressor evaporation pressure, the temperature dropped to the lowest - 50 ℃.If it is required to be reduced to the lowest temperature, it will be used in the restacked refrigeration cycle, which will ensure the refrigeration stability of its constant temperature and humidity test box.The refrigerating system of the test box is complementary to the compressor, thus interacting with each other in a state.

In the treatment of stability, the refrigeration system is related to the cooling of the constant temperature and humidity test box and the dampness effect.So in the test chamber of each system are configured and started, produced by the different effect, under the interaction and reasonable operation, using state of the mutual cooperation to achieve the ideal and the stability of the effect.

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