Environmental Test Chamber

The Structural Principle of the Walk in Salt Spray Test Chamber

Walk in salt spray test chamber (or called the large salt fog test), is the product of artificial climate environment "three anti" (including the hot and humid, salt spray, mold), one of the test equipment is mainly used in the study of mechanical, defense industry, light industry, electronic electrical, instrumentation and other industries in various environmental applicability and reliability of one of the important equipment.Laboratories can meet the GB/T 5170.8 "electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment basic parameter calibration method and GB/T 2423.17 the basic environmental experiment procedures Ka electronic electrical products: salt spray test method", can be used in neutral and acidic salt spray test.
The structure is mainly composed of large polyurethane rigid foaming adhesive with corrosion resistance and high temperature performance, and with a temperature preservation layer thickness of 75mm, it is made into a medical warehouse board, which is connected by a button.The principle is that the top Angle of the test room is between 110 and 120 and the droplet reaches both sides of the test room along the top flow. The whole test room needs to be checked for leakage and fog leakage before completion.As the room is relatively large, tower spray and reflection spray will not fit the laboratory due to the restrictions of village conditions.

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