Environmental Test Chamber

The Temperature Control Principle Of Walk In Chamber

OTS Walk-In Chamber serves as a test site for large components, assemblies, and finished products in electrical and electronics, aerospace, batteries and automobiles etc.

OTS manufactures both Static Walk-In Chambers and Dynamic Walk-In Chambers and can be configured as a temperature chamber or a temperature humidity chamber.
OTS-Series walk-in temperature and climate test chambers are especially developed for large test specimens. Size and design are optimal loading of test specimens. The modular construction and variability in size and equipment is ideally forspecific application.

1.Constant temperature and humidity test machine warming process
The temperature inside the test chamber is mainly made of high power resistance wire, because the test chamber requirements of the heating rate is large, so the test chamber temperature system is divided into humidification and dehumidification two subsystems.

2. programmable temperature and humidity test machine cooling process
Test chamber cooling methods are mechanical cooling and auxiliary liquid nitrogen refrigeration, mechanical refrigeration using steam compression refrigeration, they mainly by the compressor, condenser, throttle and evaporator composition, constant temperature and humidity chamber if The cabinet needs to meet the larger temperature requirements of -55 ℃ or less, single-stage refrigeration is difficult to meet the requirements, so the test box will generally use the refrigeration refrigeration system.

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