2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

The Test Procedure of Immersion Test Device is Described

The test procedure of immersion test device is described:
1.Add enough deionized water in the tank of the immersion test device to meet the requirements, keep three-quarters of the sample immersed in water, and then start the water circulation or ventilation in the tank.Adjust the water temperature of 40 + / - 1 ℃, and maintain the temperature in the whole test process.Sample and check the conductivity of water in the tank so that it is not greater than 2us/cm.
2.Dry the test plates as required and prevent them from being inspected and recorded before the test, and then place them on the test plate rack to keep at least 30mm apart from the test plates and 50mm apart from the bottom and wall of the groove.During the test, the position of the test plate in the groove shall be constantly changed, and the time interval for changing the position shall not exceed 3d.
3.If it is stipulated that the test plate shall be taken out of the tank for intermediate inspection within the test cycle, the water mark shall be dried with filter paper, and the damage phenomenon shall be checked immediately, and then the test plate shall be immediately put back into the tank.The inspection shall be carried out in accordance with relevant documents.
4..At the end of the specified period, the test plate is removed from the tank of the immersion test device, and the damage phenomenon can be checked by drying the water trace with the filter paper.But after check paint film with reduced adhesion, crisp, discoloration, loss of light, rust stains indicators, the plates should be moved to indoor constant temperature and humidity, temperature of 25 + / - 1 ℃, relative humidity 60 ~ 70%) after 24 h, check again.Take off a 150mmx30mm paint film carefully on the surface of the test plate with non-corrosive paint remover, expose the substrate and check the exposed metal corrosion phenomenon, in order to facilitate reference, the exposed part should be protected by suitable transparent coating.

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