1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

The Use of Gas Aging Test Chamber and Precautions

First, the use of ventilation aging test box:
The Ventilation aging test box scientific name "ventilation aging test box", suitable for electrical insulation materials, heat resistance test, electronic parts, plastic products, ventilation aging test, assessment and judgment in high temperature environment and storage conditions With the adaptability, the sample is measured after aging in the air under simulated high temperature and atmospheric pressure and compared with the performance of the unaged sample.

Second, ventilation aging test chamber maintenance and precautions
1. The aging box is designed and manufactured according to continuous use, and needs to be checked once a month.
2, The use of this equipment should have someone responsible for the care, the test should be cut off the device's external power supply.
3, In the equipment studio built-in sample can not be too dense, so as to affect the normal flow of air in the work chamber, resulting in test failure. When placing the test sample, do not put the test sample and hand into the studio fan protection grill to avoid injury.
4,The bottom of the studio can not place test samples for testing.
5, Do not disassemble electrical components and equipment components, so as not to damage the electrical control lines and equipment for human accidents and their performance and normal work. When the door is locked, do not pull the door handle hard to prevent damage to the door lock device.
6. When using the device for the first time or for a long time, it should be turned on for a period of time (preferably more than 8 hours, during which the machine will be turned on and off 2-3 times). After the equipment works normally, the sample is placed for testing to eliminate the operation, loading and unloading, Faults that may be produced in storage are exempt from the so-called losses in the tests.
7. It is forbidden to use this equipment to dry and handle flammable, explosive and volatile materials.
8. Leave a space other than 1m around the device so as not to affect the heat dissipation and operation and maintenance of the device.
9. There shall be no dust or other dirt on the fan or cooling fan so as not to affect its normal operation.
10. After each test, cleaning should be carried out to clean the residue and dirt on the turntable (shelf) of the test chamber in the working room so as to facilitate the smooth use of the next time.
11. When the outer surface of the equipment is cleaned, apply a neutral detergent, wipe it with clean water, and wipe it with a clean cloth.
12. When the equipment is being maintained, please cut off the external power supply of the equipment to prevent electric shock accidents.

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