1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

The Use Precautions of UV Aging Test Chamber

1、Use precautions
1. During using the UV aging test chamber, we should keep sufficient water source (pure water).
2. During the experiment, the door should not be opened to avoid experimental errors.
3. Sensors in the working room should not be strongly impacted.
4. Non-full-time operators should not use operating machines at will.
5. Operators are advised to wear protective eyeglasses and sheaths. Because ultraviolet radiation is harmful to people (especially eyes), operators should minimize exposure to ultraviolet radiation (exposure time should be less than 1 minute).
6. If equipment failures cannot be eliminated, please contact our technical department as soon as possible.
7. When stop using it for a long time. When using it again, the water source, power supply and its components should be carefully checked, and the equipment should be restarted after making sure that it is correct.

2、Use environment
1. Environmental temperature: 5 +32;
2. Environmental humidity: <85%;
3. The operating environment needs to be below 28 degrees of room temperature and well ventilated.
4. Don't place order things at front and back of machine about 80 centimeters each.

3、The Maintenance
1. Drain the water after the test and dry the studio and the box.
2. After use, put the plastic cover on to avoid dust intrusion. If there is dust, it should be removed in time.
3. When the equipment is not working, it should be kept dry and the power supply should be disconnected.

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