1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

Thermal Shock Test Chamber Operation Technique

Thermal Shock Test Chamber is a high-performance aging equipment, can produce a bad temperature impact, for better control of the temperature impact test, accurate experimental data, in the process of our operation need to know some matters needing attention about the hot and cold impact test.
Hot and cold impact test box with two box, there are three box, two box of hot and cold impact test box contains two different work box, a cryogenic tank, a high temperature box, two boxes placed should be able to make the test sample within the prescribed time from one box to another box.Transfer method can be used manually or automatically (hot and cold impact test cases from the upper part of the high temperature test chamber, located in the lower part of low temperature test box, is located in the refrigeration unit at the back of the ark, and in the left side on the rear panel of electrical control cabinet (system).The stainless steel sample rack that moves up and down the track leads the sample to be tested alternately in the high temperature box and the cryogenic tank.
Specific precautions for cold and thermal shock test cases:
1. The air temperature specified in the test should be maintained in any area of the test sample.
2. The absolute humidity of the air in the box should not exceed 20g/m3 water vapor.
3. The temperature of the wall of the high temperature box should not exceed the test specified temperature (according to the kelvin thermometer), and the wall of the cooler should not exceed 8% of the test specified temperature (according to the kelvin thermometer).This requirement is applicable to the entire test box, and the test samples should not be subject to direct radiation of any heating or cooling original that does not meet the above requirements.
4. The volume and air speed of the test cases shall be satisfied after the test samples are put into the test samples, and the air temperature in the box shall be restored to the prescribed tolerance range for less than 10% of the exposure time of the test.
5. Air in the box should be circulated.The air velocity should be no less than 2m/s around the sample.

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