2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

These Products Need to be Tested With Waterproof Testing Machine

These Products Need to be Tested With Waterproof Testing Machine. The development of science and technology is closely related to people's living habits. Electronic products are more and more close to the human body, and people will inevitably come into contact with water. This leads to the intimate contact between water and electronic products, resulting in the failure of electronic products because of water.

Manufacturers will improve the waterproof performance of these electronic products and test their waterproof performance through waterproof testing equipment. For example: in the early years, the water level of the mobile phone was IPX3, can protect the general light rain, now the mobile phone can do IPX7, that is, put in a meter of water depth, immersion for 30 minutes.

For example: smart watches, the initial waterproof level is IPX4, that is, in rainy weather, waterproof, now most smart watches waterproof level is IPX8, machine can be waterproof in 30-50 meters of water, that is, you can also use the functions of smart watches when swimming.

Corresponding waterproof testing equipment also according to different waterproof levels, the current need for common products to do waterproof testing are: automotive accessories, outdoor lamps, UAVs, mobile phones, smart watches, underwater detectors, sensors, cameras, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, fishing wheels, sliding rings, flashlights, diving lights Tablets, keyboards, electric toothbrushes, cabinets, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, razors, rice cookers, fans, washing machines and so on.

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