2 Tensile Machine

Three Solutions for Negative Deviation of Tension Test Machine

How to deal with negative deviation of tension test machine? Today we will introduce three solutions to the problem, which are suitable for testing the tensile strength, tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation at break and fracture elongation of materials such as wire and cable, fire-resistant cable, optical cable, telephone line, net wire, mining cable, ship cable and so on.

Firstly, if the friction resistance of the pointer bearing, the pendulum bearing and the dynamometer drive parts is too large: the main method is to adjust, clean the bearings and force measuring transmission part, so as to eliminate abnormal friction resistance.

Secondly, if the frictional resistance of the upper clamp, the driven needle spring and the depicting device is too large: adjusting the tightness of the upper clamp, the driven needle spring and the depiction of the device components, and thus eliminating the abnormal friction resistance.

Thirdly, if the connecting part between the piston rod and the swing rod is not flexible: adjust the two parts to ,make it flexible.

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