1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

Treatment of Icing Inside the High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

A lot of friends who use high and low temperature test chamber know, in the usual time of low temperature test, may encounter the phenomenon of evaporator icing inside the box, this phenomenon is not surprising, but it should be paid attention to, if not dealt with for a long time, will affect the use of the compressor instructions, will eventually lead to the damage of the compressor.

How to avoid the latter to deal with the problem of freezing inside the high and low temperature test chamber?We can deal with the following aspects:
1.Check whether the box is sealed. If there is any leakage, seal it with silicone.
2.Install the heating device in the internal evaporator accessories and set the timing defrosting function.
3.Re-use the high temperature generated by the compressor in the refrigeration system to make regular defrost setting.

Above several methods hope to help you!

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