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Upgraded Temp Humidity Chamber

After collecting feedback from customers and production department, now OTS R&D department has upgraded our temp humidity chamber. Here’s comparison of old style and new design:

1.Appearance and Size
The new style is designed as gray and blue painting that makes it a better looking.
The size is smaller than the old one which can save more space in laboratory.

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2.Test Hole
For your convenience, we can put the test hole on the left and right side for the new machine; While the old style can only be put on the left side for the right side is full of of circuits.


3.Safer Design
To improve the safety during your operation, we design an air decompression outlet inside the chamber; while the old style cannot do it for its relatively full inner structure.

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4.Updated Knob
Adopting advice from our customers, we change the door knob into metal one, which can not extend the using life, but also enhance the sealing of inside chamber.
The original chamber is with PC knob. Pic 4

5.Insulation Layer
We put insulation layer to a more reasonable position; Tightly surrounding the inner chamber and inside the circuits and spare parts. So that to maintain the test temperature an humidity in the best way.
For the old style, the insulation layer is at the back of the machine; it affects appearance of the whole machine design.

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For your convenience, the new design is equipped with an observation door, so that the operator can check circuit operating conveniently; While the original style, you have to take the whole board out with screw drivers.

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7.Separate Temp Control Module
We separate temp control module and controller, so it will be easy to maintenance; and also improve the time efficiency. For the old style, the temp control module is installed in the controller, once the temp module doesn’t work, you need to change the whole part.Pic 7

8.Separate Circuit and Water Route
In the new deign, circuit wire, spare parts and water route (pipes) are in totally different area.
And for the original style, circuit wire and water pipe are in the same route that potential security problems exist.

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If you have any interest of the products above, or if you need any professional advice of those machines, welcome to contact us.
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