1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

Use And Classification Of Aging Chamber

Types and Uses of aging chamber:

Classification of aging chamber:

1. Steam aging chamber

2. Ozone aging chamber

3. High temperature aging chamber

4. High and low temperature humidity and heat aging test chamber

5. Xenon lamp aging test chamber

6. UV aging chamber

Purpose of aging chamber:

1. Steam aging chamber: generally testing electronic connectors, passive components and electronic products with exposure to the sun.

2. Ozone ageing chamber: the equipment is mainly used to evaluate the aging degree of rubber in ozone environment and to judge the anti-ozone aging properties of rubber.

3. High temperature aging chamber: the equipment is used for the high temperature aging test of various products, and the high temperature resistance of the product is tested.

4. The high low temperature aging test chamber: the equipment is mainly for electrical and electronic products, as well as its components, and other materials in high temperature, low temperature, temperature and humidity and its circulation change under the environment of storage, transportation, when using the adaptability test.

5.Xenon lamp aging test cases of the product is suitable for use in rubber, coating, electrical and electronic products, the material under the condition of the exposure to the sun radiation produced by thermal, mechanical, chemical, electricity and other effect and determine its adaptability, the closest to the sun xenon lamp as light irradiation, the spectrum of light, in the rain, five environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, condensation, is the best comprehensive environmental testing equipment.

6. UV aging chamber: the equipment makes all kinds of products to detect the oxidation resistance of the products under the sun exposure, and the resistance to the yellowing property of the products.

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