2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1-X8 Level Explain

Water spray test chamber, waterproof test device is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB 4208 to meet the shell waterproof requirements of the equipment. IP shell protection class is divided into the shell of the water seal and the shell of the dust seal, water seal for the IPX1-8 series, dust seal for the IP1-8X series. The following mainly talk about the shell IPX series, that is, water seal protection.

IPX1 and IPX2 for the drip test, this IP rating test for the lowest level of rain test, it can simulate the natural wind without a large rainfall of 1.0 +0.5 mm / min rainfall falls on the product environment; and IPX2 The IPX2 can simulate the environment with a small wind speed on the product, in order to more realistic simulation of the different weather in different directions of rainwater falling on the product environment, dripping test device Of the goods can be tilted in four directions, and the tilt angle can be adjusted according to the severity of the level.

IPX3 and IPX4 for the rain test and rain shower test, this is because the swing tube rain test tube is designed according to the size of the test product, for large products do IPX3X4 test, (such as cars , Large cabinet cabinet, etc.) swing tube rain test can not be practical to meet, so you need to rain shower test. Pendulum rain test can give the product around 360 water spray; shower test by the manual hand to the product is divided into several small areas for testing.

IPX5 and IPX6 for the water spray test, take the most common outdoor cabinets, such as telecommunications street side of the communications cabinet, although in most cases the rain in the rain under the rain rarely appear like IPX5 and IPX 6 such a large Of the rain on the cabinet erosion, but there is a special case is the sprinkler in the rinse of the street or to the green watering will be directly sprayed or sprinkled directly to the cabinet, then if the cabinet seal did not meet the IPX5 and IPX6 test, Then the rinse water will enter the cabinet inside, damage the cabinet internal circuits and accessories.

IPX7 and IPX8 for the flooding test, need to do this harsh test products rarely, such as the latest iphone7 smart phone will be able to achieve the requirements of flooding, but the specific how long, how deep the water is not known. Application of flooding test is the most extensive In addition to military submarines, underwater radar, underwater sensors is the most submersible pump, because the submersible pump is necessary to use the product inside the water, so every regular manufacturers of submersible pumps are in its products Will be marked with the depth of the dive water.

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