2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

Waterpoof and dustproof Is Very Important

Used in daily life and work of equipment, tools, household appliances, security equipment, aerospace equipment, military weapon equipment, etc., influenced by natural environment condition of condensation, get wet in the rain erosion, dust, etc;It leads to disassembly, rust, deformation, short circuit of electrical components, poor contact, lower electrical conductivity, wear of moving parts, death of card, increase of fit clearance, etc.Cause significant economic loss and impact on work progress.

Waterproof test equipment
Waterproof equipment according to the product design protection grade differences and differences of the environmental conditions can be divided into: the IP protection grade test equipment, military equipment, laboratory equipment, simulation of underwater depth pressure vessel equipment, UL waterproof rain leakage test equipment test equipment, buses, and the Japanese standard waterproof testing equipment, etc.Provide reliable data for use of material selection and improvement of structure form, identification of shell protection level and identification.

Sand and dust test equipment
The sand dust test equipment is mainly used to detect the protection grade of the shell, the sealing property of the shell, the use performance change and the real property of the product after entering the dust.The performance and tolerance of military equipment under the conditions of harsh sand dust are detected.Provide reliable data for use of material selection and improvement of structure form, identification of shell protection level and identification.

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1,Meet the national standards, GB31485 GB31241-2014-2014, GB31467.3-2015 battery simulation environment and safety equipment, such as: extrusion, acupuncture, short circuit, heavy impact, temperature impact, thermal abuse, depression, battery pack, flip, fall, burns, salt fog, high low temperature cycle, high altitude charge-discharge test system and other large non-standard products.
2, Simulated environment reliability test equipment: enter type fast temperature hot and humid laboratory, programmable rapid temperature change wet and heat test box, high and low temperature cold heat shock test chamber, salt spray testing machine, the temperature/humidity/salt fog/composite tester, temperature/humidity/vibration/three comprehensive environmental testing machine and other large non-standard products.
3, Mechanical test equipment: servo tensile testing machine, high low temperature composite mechanical vibration testing machine, impact testing machine, impact test, vibration test system, servo carton compression testing machine, drop test machine, large non-standard products.
4, Battery production equipment: vacuum drying oven, intelligent high vacuum oven, into the oven, clamp type battery drying equipment production lines, automatic tunnel type vacuum drying equipment production lines, oven and other large non-standard products online.

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