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What Are The Common Faults of Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other mechanical properties testing of metals, non-metals, composite materials and products, and test and data processing can be conducted in accordance with GB ISO JIS JIS ASTM tin and various standards provided by users. It is widely used in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastics, building materials and other industries of material inspection and analysis. It is an ideal test equipment for scientific research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration departments. Today OTS will introduce you the common failures of hydraulic universal testing machines:
I. reasons why the piston does not rise:
1. Motor reversal;2. The feed valve is not opened or the return valve is not tightened;The oil piston grinds to death
Elimination of piston not rising:
1. Switch the three-phase power connection;2. Close the oil valve and open the oil delivery valve;3. Repair or replace parts
Ii. Reasons for unstable oil transfer at oil pump:
1. Air in the oil road;2. The viscosity of oil is too high or too thin or dirty;3. Leakage phenomenon
Removal method of oil pump instability:
1. Repeatedly drive up and down the piston;2. Replace the hydraulic oil with suitable viscosity;3. Find out the oil leak and remove it
3. Reasons why the oil pressure cannot reach the maximum load:
1. The buffer piston dies or has dirt;2. Insufficient viscosity of oil;3. Oil leakage;4. The return oil switch rod does not match the valve port
Oil pressure can not reach the maximum load removal method:
1. Wash or grind the corresponding parts;2. Replace hydraulic oil with high viscosity;3. Eliminate oil leakage;4. The oil return needle is tightened after grinding
Iv. Reasons for not starting the oil pump:
1. The piston limit switch is not closed;2. Overload protection switch is not closed
Elimination of non-starting oil pump:
1. Check the piston limit switch;2. Check the connection plug
V. reasons for pointer jitter:
1. Poor oil absorption of oil pump;2. Air in the hydraulic system;3. Insufficient oil supply
Elimination of pointer jitter:
1. Use tool hook to hook the spring of the one-way valve to work;2. Loosen the air screw for air release;Load 80% of full load oil pressure and cycle several times
Vi. Reasons for the intermittent pointer:
1. Dust and dirt on copper wheel, aluminum rod or slide way;2. The bearing doesn't work well
Elimination of pointer intermittent:
1. Cleaning and dust removal;2. Clean and remove dust and replace bearings
Vii. Reasons for the serious overdifference:
1. The installation is not horizontal;2. There is friction in the steering and lifting parts
The elimination method of severe overdifference:
1. Adjust the installation level of the main engine and dynamometer;2. Friction elimination
Viii. Reasons for failure of lifting and lifting:
1. The circuit is disconnected;2. Mechanical transmission failure
Elimination of lifting failure:
1. Check the power connection;2. Check and repair the clearance of chain drive pair
Ix. Causes of hydraulic clamping failure:
1. Hydraulic system failure;2. Partial mechanical failure
Elimination of hydraulic clamping failure:
1. Troubleshoot the hydraulic system;2. Troubleshoot mechanical parts
Reasons for leakage of hydraulic system:
1. Loose connection of hydraulic system;2. The sealing parts are damaged and invalid
Elimination of hydraulic system leakage:
1. Tighten the joint;2. Replace seals

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