Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

What Factors Contribute To The Damage Of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Constant temperature humidity test chamber for the majority of users, must have been very familiar with, because these products are often used in environmental testing. Daily maintenance and transportation management is needed, because the cost of a device is high, and there is no need for external devices to reduce the life of product equipment.

Causes damage to the constant temperature and humidity test box of three. Specifically, it includes light, high temperature and humidity. These three factors are very important for the product equipment. Any one of them can shorten the service life of the constant temperature and humidity test box very quickly.

Light factors. The structure of different products in the constant temperature and humidity box is different to the intensity of illumination. For example, the durable materials, such as plastics, coatings and so on, meet the light and do not produce serious aging. So it is necessary to analyze the material composition of the product equipment.

High temperature factor. When the ambient temperature rises because of the high temperature, the intensity of light and the degree of damage will increase. There is no direct chemical reaction between temperature and light, but there is a subtle connection between them. Therefore, in the test of constant temperature and humidity test box products, to grasp the precise temperature range of use.

Moisture factor. Usually, some moisture, rain and dew etc. These are caused by damp factors, the formation of dew moisture is the main factor of outdoor wet dew, harm cause greater than the rain, because it is attached to the material on a longer period of time, causing more serious moisture absorption. For example, the wood coating removes the surface aging layer due to rain flushing and exposes the aged interior layer to the sunlight to produce further aging.

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