Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

What Influences the Uniformity of High Low Temperature Test Chambers?

The temperature of each point in high low temperature test chamber is of great difference. What influences the homogeneity of the high and low temperature chambers? When people use the test chamber, this problem occurs sometimes. How should we understand and solve the problem? Xin Bao instrument Co., Ltd After-sale Service Department has summed up some of the most important maintenance experience of many years and lists it for you as follows:

Firstly,  specimens are too large.If the size of test sample is too large, it will affect the wind circulation in the test chamber, resulting in excessive temperature uniformity.According to the standard, the volume of test samples should not exceed 1/3 of the laboratory space.

Secondly, the test samples have loads.If the test sample has load, the load condition should be explained to the manufacturer in advance.Otherwise, it will have a great impact on subsequent experiments.

Thirdly, the placement of test samples.If the test sample is placed incorrectly, the air convection will be blocked, which will lead to a large temperature deviation. The sample should not be placed in the wind hole.

Fourthly, the test chamber is not well sealed.For example, the leakage of the gate is one of the important factors that affect the temperature uniformity of the test box.

Fifthly, the structure of chamber.Due to the unreasonable design of high and low temperature chamber structure, the temperature uniformity in the operation is affected to a great extent.The best structure should be easy to reach temperature eveness of the right and left : heating and cooling should be in the back of the chamber--the upper will distribute air, and the bottom will return wind , which will form forced convection.

Temperature uniformity is the most basic and important factor in detecting high and low temperature test chambers.Therefore, this is also an important point when customers to choose and access a high and low temperature test chambers. The national standard stipulates that the temperature uniformity is ±2℃.

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