What is Dust Test Chamber ?

Dust Test Chamber

Dust Test Chamber is designed and manufactured according to GB2423.37 -89,GB4208-93 (equivalent to IEC60529-2001) Class of Shell Protection (IP Code). It is suitable for dust testing of electrical products with first digit characteristic numbers of 5 and 6 (IPX5 and IPX6).


Dust test chamber can provide non-laminar flow of dust carrying vertical circulation flow, can be controlled at regular time, and can be configured with vacuum pump to pump air in the shell of the tested product, and can adjust the exhaust volume and pressure difference. In addition, the airflow temperature control device is arranged in the box to ensure that the test is carried out under the environmental conditions required by the standard.


According to the standard requirements, the dust prevention ability of the test samples is tested by artificial simulated dust environment. The specific requirements and eligibility criteria should be in accordance with GB2423.37-89,GB4208-93 (IEC60529-2001) or product standards.

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