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What is the Difference Between the Electromagnetic Vibration Test Table and the Simulated Transportation Vibration Test Machine?

The electromagnetic vibration test table and the simulated transportation vibration test machine are same as the vibration table, what is the difference between them?

First of all, let's talk about the difference in the frequency of vibration (the frequency refers to the number of vibrations per minute): The frequency of the electromagnetic vibration test rig is in the range of 1~600 Hz. There is no frequency requirement in the standard of the analog transport shaker, only the speed requirement. : About 100-300RPM (r/min).

Secondly, let’s talk about their vibration direction: The vibration mode of the electromagnetic vibration test table is purchased in the vertical, horizontal, or vertical + horizontal directions. However, there is only one direction in the simulation transport shaking table, which is the horse-racing vibration, also called reciprocating vibration, which is the unidirectional rotation vibration (equivalent to the vibration caused by the inclusion of good goods in the internal transportation of the truck. The goods are damaged). The simple difference is that the analog transport shaker is suitable for testing products that are ready for transport,The electromagnetic vibration test stand is applicable to the structural strength of semi-finished or finished vibration test specimens, looseness of conjugates, wear and tear, degree of damage of components, poor contact, short-circuit or intermittent instability of circuits, and standard deviation values of various parts, and thus the bad parts were screened early by the vibration test of the electromagnetic vibration test table.

In the end, the transmission mechanism is different: the transmission mechanism of the simulating transportation vibration table is the motor cam structure, while the electromagnetic vibration test table adopts the structure of coil suction and magnetic field.

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