What is the principle of XRF tester

XRF instrument, namely X-Ray Fluorescence spectrum analysis, the secondary X-Ray produced by X-Ray irradiation on matter is called X-Ray Fluorescence, while the X-Ray used for irradiation is called primary X-Ray. So x ray fluorescence is still X ray. A typical X-ray fluorescence XRF instrument consists of an excitation source (X-ray tube) and a detection system. The X-ray tube generates incident X-rays (one-time X-rays) to excite the tested sample. Each element in the excited sample will emit secondary X-rays, and the secondary X-rays emitted by different elements have specific energy characteristics or wavelength characteristics. The detection system measures the energy and quantity of these emitted secondary X-rays. Then, the instrument software converts the information collected by the detection system into the types and contents of various elements in the sample. Secondary X-rays produced by X-rays shining on substances are called X-ray fluorescence. Using the principle of X-ray fluorescence, each element after beryllium in the periodic table of elements can be theoretically measured. In practical application, the effective element measurement range is from Element 9 (F) to element 92 (U).

First of all, X-ray is a new analysis technology used in element analysis, but after more than 20 years of exploration, it is now fully mature and has become a widely used technology in metallurgy, geology, nonferrous metals, building materials, commodity inspection, environmental protection, sanitation and other fields. Then, the characteristic X-ray intensity of each element is related to not only the energy and intensity of the excitation source, but also the content of this element in the sample. Secondly, according to the characteristic X-ray intensity of each element, the content information of each element can also be obtained. This is the basic principle of X-ray fluorescence analysis, that is, the principle of XRF halogen detection instrument.


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