Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Why Cell Phone Batteries Need To Do High Low Temperature Test

At present, many news reports about cell phone charging explosions seriously affect human life safety. How can we make cell phone batteries do not explode? The reasons for cell phone battery explosion are mainly three points.
1., the quality of the battery itself is mainly due to the internal defects of the battery, too many impurities in the raw materials, the unqualified process, and the lack of relevant design for battery safety protection.
2. batteries overcharge for a long time: overcharging over a long time will also cause high temperature and high pressure, resulting in a hidden danger of use. Moreover, the lithium battery may discharge a large amount of current in a flash discharge at a special temperature, humidity and bad contact, causing natural or explosion.
3. battery short circuit: when the cell phone is in a high temperature state, or when it is affected by impact, metal friction, and so on, it may cause a short circuit of the battery, which can cause the explosion.
How to pay attention to life
Is the so-called "to do good work must first sharpen his tools", in the current mobile phone has become an indispensable communication equipment in life today, when we understand the reasons for mobile phone battery explosion, without worrying about the impact on life, here also recommend some prevention measures for everyone.
Professional custom-made? Can it really be used?
1, the use of high-quality charger or original charger, lithium battery charging process is usually first constant current, then constant voltage impulse, in order to ensure that cell phone battery is not easy to overcharge, some cell phone charger will have self discharge function after full charge, is to avoid overcharging.
2, the use of the original battery, we must avoid the use of cottage batteries, poor batteries, because the appearance of the general battery will wrap a safety film, when the battery pressure reaches a certain level, it will burst the safety membrane release pressure, and the battery itself will not explode. But poor batteries do not necessarily have a safety film, and hundreds of brand batteries and thirty or forty are not just the difference in price.
3, not under the low temperature state of mobile phone charging, at a low temperature below 0 degrees when the charge will be significantly lower than that of normal consumption, resulting in positive and negative reaction is not fully balanced rate can not be achieved, resulting in the formation of excess lithium ion crystal precipitation, lead to the diaphragm was punctured, the battery internal short circuit caused the explosion.
4, when charging, it is not easy to put the cell phone in the place where it is not easy to heat the heat. Some people are used to charge the cell phone in the bed before going to bed, which is very dangerous.
5, when charging, it is found that the abnormal phone should be immediately cut off, and after the power failure, it is not necessary to use the phone immediately, nor to use the phone to make phone calls. If batteries are deformed or drums, do not use it.
6, do not put the battery in the high temperature environment, and do not carry out severe shock and extrusion, so in the charging, also to avoid sun exposure.
According to the above precautions, many cell phone manufacturers also test the high and low temperature test box when they are producing batteries, so that they can be sold to the market so that customers can feel relieved. Such an accident will decrease.

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