Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Why Does the Compressor of High Low Temperature Test Chamber Frosting

First of all, in the laboratory environment, it is necessary to choose a good installation site, which is the prerequisite for the correct use of the air system by the compressor of the series of high and low temperature test equipment. If the test environment of the test equipment is not planned in advance, it will lead to the failure maintenance difficulties of the compressor and the poor quality of the compressed air.

The series of high and low temperature test equipment mentioned here include: high and low temperature test box, high and low temperature alternating test box, constant temperature and humidity test box, high and low temperature wet and heat test box, temperature impact test box and so on.The quality of equipment test system is direct to the control performance of compressor.
Refrigeration compressor as the core component of temperature testing machine, the maintenance of compressor appears particularly important.
Below, OTS summarizes the following experiences on compressor maintenance of high and low temperature series test equipment.
1. The test box shall be built on a hard floor, and the foundation plane shall be leveled before installation, so as to avoid the noise caused by compressor vibration.
2. The working site voltage of the test box should be kept stable, which will lead to excessive or too small current. Working under such conditions will lead to compressor damage.
3. The equipment should be placed in a spacious place, and the small space is not conducive to the later maintenance and maintenance. In particular, the radiator (condenser) of the compressor should be regularly maintained and kept clean.
4. As the compressor has an air circulation system, if the air around the equipment is dusty, a filtering device should be added. Meanwhile, the air is not allowed to contain combustible gas and corrosive gas, so as to avoid possible explosion or internal rust.
On the whole, the relative humidity of the air needs to be kept low and well ventilated.
5, Compression performance should not be affected by high temperature, ambient temperature below 30 ℃ advisable. If the temperature is too high, the air output from the compressor will decrease.

The correct operation and reasonable handling of failure of high and low temperature test equipment during the test are conducive to the maintenance and service life extension of the compressor.
1. During the test run of the equipment, strictly check the running direction of the compressor, and stop immediately when the reverse is found. Cut off the power supply, and reset any two of the three-phase line in pairs before starting up again, otherwise, the compressor will be damaged.
2. During the work of the test equipment, check the compressor safety valve and other protection systems regularly to ensure its sensitivity and reliability.
3. It is not appropriate to start the compressor frequently during the test, and the interval time between starting the compressor is 15 minutes.

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