Why Is a Muffle Box Electric Resistance Furnace Being Used For The First Time?

The box type resistance furnace adopts high-quality raw materials, imported core components, advanced production technology, and strict detection of the production of box-type resistance furnace. Its various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. It can be widely used in research, teaching, industrial and mining enterprises for heat treatment, melting, sintering, ashing, determination of coal ash fusibility.
Why do the new muffle furnace type resistance furnace work before the oven is used? Here, OTS takes you to know:
In the new muffle furnace, the insulation layer needs a drying process. The box-type resistance furnace, furnace and insulation layer that are not used for a long time will absorb moisture. When used directly at high temperature, the water vapor will not be able to affect the insulation effect of the furnace. Sometimes the furnace door is cracked.
Correct use of the muffle furnace: 1, the muffle furnace should be placed in a relatively ventilated environment, 2, the new muffle furnace or the muffle furnace that has not been used for a long time to use the oven, 200 degrees 2-4 hours, 400 degrees 2 hours , 600 degrees 1 hour, 800 degrees 1 hour. 3. Do not put corrosive, volatile samples, 4, do not use the rated temperature, long-term use temperature should not exceed the rated temperature -100 degrees. 5, when switching the furnace door at high temperature, turn off the voltage switch, the shorter the door opening time, the better. 6, when the muffle furnace is not in use, turn off the main power supply, do not open the furnace door to cool.

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