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Why is R404A refrigerant banned in Europe?

At present, refrigeration-related industry organizations around the world are actively promoting the adoption of more environmentally friendly one to replace R404A refrigerant.

The new refrigerants R448A, R449A and R452A are excellent alternatives to R404A for small to medium commercial refrigeration applications such as cold storage . High GWP refrigerants (such as R404A) will be banned, and the transition to alternative refrigerants with lower GWP levels is a general trend.

First,let's talk about R404A technology defect:

R404A type refrigeration technology will cause the compressor exhaust temperature to be too high; when the compressor is running, the temperature will exceed the normal value, which will not only increase the power consumption of the compressor, but also cause the lubricating oil to coke, the performance is not good, affecting the normal operation of the compressor.

The ODP and GWP values of R404A exceed the standard, which has extremely adverse effects on the environment.R-449A is a refrigerant that is fully environmentally friendly. Compared with the former two, its global warming potential has dropped by 45%. The final hope is to achieve an ODP of 0 and a small GWP.

Why do domestic manufacturers not use R449A refrigeration technology? Manufacturing cost-this is the biggest reason,the price of R449A is ten times than R404A refrigerant price. For some manufacturers whose profits are the key points, as long as they are not forced by the state, they would't abandon the profits to pursue quality.

As an attitude-oriented manufacturer-OTS,we believe environmentally sustainable development is not only the foundation of enterprise development, but also the mission and belief that is constantly pursued. And which is more important than profit.OTS has taken the lead in abandoning the original R404A refrigeration technology. All adopt the latest R449A refrigeration technology of European R&D technology, fully meet European standards, better than national standard, be more environmentally friendly.So promoting China's quality improvement and reduce pollution. Environmental protection is also one of the social responsibilities of each enterprise.


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