1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

Why LED Industry Need the Thermal Shock Test Chamber?

China's implementation of the introduction to go out is to achieve the masses' needs for life, the temperature difference between domestic and foreign is too large, and the thermal shock test chamber is the necessary test for the product.
OTS Three-Box Thermal Shock Test Chamber Product Introduction:
The three-box thermal shock test chamber is divided into high temperature zone, low temperature zone and test zone. It adopts unique heat-breaking structure, heat storage and cold storage effect, and is applied to the test sample by hot and cold airway switching mode to make thermal shock. Test, the test item is not moving
Product details:
1. Three boxes of equipment are divided into three parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone and test zone. The test products are placed in the test zone. The temperature of the high temperature zone or the low temperature zone is impacted into the test zone during impact, and the test product is static.
2. The touch control interface is used to control the interface.
3. Impact mode Apply the air path switching mode to introduce the temperature into the test area for the thermal shock test.
4. When high temperature impact or low temperature impact, zui can reach 999H for a long time, and the large cycle of Zui can reach 9999 times.
5. The system can be used for automatic circulation or manual selective shock and can set the impact of two or three zones and cold and hot.
6. Cooling and adopting binary refrigeration system, the cooling effect is fast, and the cooling method is water-cooled.
7. It can be tested to meet the standard and test methods for normal temperature impact: GJB150.5 temperature impact test; GJB360.7 temperature impact test; GB/2423.22 temperature shock test
8. The original Japanese-made microcomputer large LCD LCD (320 x 240 Dots) Chinese and English display control system.
9. With fully automatic, high-precision system circuit, any machine action, completely locked by P.L.C.
10. When the machine is in trouble, it is equipped with an automatic machine circuit and warning signal. When the input power is unstable, it has an emergency stop device.

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