2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Why Metallic Products Need To Do Salt Spray Corrosion Test?     

Salt fog is an important feature of the ocean in nature. It is the wave formed by the waves colliding with each other and impacting the coast. The waves become particles to the sea and the surrounding area under the action of the air current. As a result, there are corrosive salt sprays in the atmosphere, and our products are placed in the atmosphere, so our products will suffer from salt spray corrosion to varying degrees.

The salt spray corrosion test simulates this characteristic of nature, using an artificially accelerated salt spray corrosion test, which uses 5% NaCl and increases the test temperature (35 ° C ~ 55 ° C), and the sedimentation of salt spray(1 ~ 2ml / 80cm2h), to achieve accelerated corrosion, shorten the test time. To help us know the corrosion resistance of our products earlier and faster, help us improve the anti-corrosion ability and ensure the reliability of the products.

The salt spray corrosion test is applicable to accelerated salt spray corrosion tests on protective layers, parts, electronic components and industrial products of metal materials. Various salt spray corrosion tests can be carried out according to GB10587-2002, GB2423.17-93 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Ka: Salt Spray Test Method" and equivalent IEC, DIN, MIL, ASTM, CNS and other standards.

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