Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Why Climatic Test Chamber Cannot Be Used With Running Water?

Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber simulates various climatic environment conditions including high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature and humidity, dry as well as damp, in order to test the quality of product materials and to figure out whether some situation (like breakdown, quantitative change and work reliability) will come up or not with the change of temperature and humidity. After that, it can provide the basis for users to forecast and improve the quality and reliablity of product. Special water tank of the chamber was used to supply water for temperature and humidity test. But whether the chamber will be influenced by unclean water or not? What’s the standard of water in experiment and what if use running water?

Using running water is permissible, which can reach the humidity effect. However, if use running water as humidity water for a long time, it’s easy to scale in the waterpipe and pollute the water tank. Futhermore, the impurity of running water will be adsorbed by the surface of the product. Therefore, it would be best to use purified water or distilled water. Because the chamber can reuse water resources, and it’s beneficial to waterpipe, water tank and water route with less consumption. It’s significant to carry out repairing and maintenance of test chamber.

The resistivity of programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber is related to water. The better the insulation of water is, the greater the resistivity will become. It’s known that the humidification particle of running water is bigger and after long time of humidity test, the service life of sensor will shorten. What’s more, it would cause short circuit of humidity sensor. Therefore, it would be better to use pure water or distilled water as experimental water.

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