Wilson Hardness Tester

Wilson hardness tester can be widely used in different area, like:
A.Ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, surface coating, laminated metal, IC sheet;
B.Ceramic, glass, agate, stone, thin plastic, metal sheet, etc.;
C.The hard test in depth of plating layer; heat treatment; carbonized layer; decarbonized layer; hardness layer after quenching.


1.Easy operation: Enter the diagonal length of indentation directly, the machine will calculate and display the hardness value automatically.
2.Automatic hardness unit conversion function: HRA, HRB, HRC, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HB can be optional.
3.Humanized, menu-style operating panel; Quick and convenient set-up.
4.Intelligent hibernation to extend the service life of optical and electronic components.

Standard Configuration:

  • Main machine    ● Micrometer eyepiece  ●Objective lens(10×/40×)   ●Micro Wilson pressure head
  • X Y test stand    ● Machine vise               ●Thin components               ●Hardness block 2pcs
  • Power cord        ●  Fuse                            ● Gradiometer                      ● Horizontal adjusting screw
  • Dust guard

Optional components:
●Proctor head

●Function: Measure the hardness value; Take pictures and test report; Hardness unit convert; Hardness Calibration.

1.Test modes: Rule of Thirds/Cross test

2.Video cards can be optional: SDK2000, SDK2500, SDK3000 optional
3.Language optional: Traditional/Simple Chinese, English optional
4.Test force: 0.01KG~10KG


Wilson scale HV0.01、HV0.025、HV0.05、HV0.1、HV0.2、HV0.3、HV0.5、 HV1
Test force 10、25、50 、100、200 、300、 500 、1000(gf)
0.098、0.245、0.49、0.98 、1.96 、2.94、4.9、9.8(N)
Objective lens 10X(Observe)、40×(Measure)
Test force option The automatic identification can be achieved by selecting the hand wheel of the test force transformation.
Test mode HV / HK
Resolution 0.25um
Test Range 5-3000HV


Under 100HV     ±5%

200HV               ±3%

Over 400HV      ±2%

Load control  Automatic (Load / Hold / Unload)
Hold time 5~60S
Hardness Value Manual measurement; Automatic calculation; Display result.
XY Size: 100×100mm
Stroke: 25×25mm
Max height of test sample 65mm
Light source DC6V 15W  Lightness can be contentiously adjustable
Power AC220V / 50Hz
External Size 450×205×545(mm)  LWH
Weight 40Kg


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