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Working Principle and Common Fault Handling of Sand Dust Test Chamber

The sand dust test chamber is suitable for dustproof and dustproof tests on various auto parts. The test parts include lamp, instrument, electric dust cover, steering system, door lock and so on. Below, everyone will come to understand how it works and common troubleshooting!
Working principle of sand dust test chamber
A certain concentration of sand dust is pushed by the fan to blow the surface of the test sample at a certain flow rate, and the ability of these test samples to resist the penetration effect of dust particles and the ability to resist the abrasion or blocking of the gravel is exposed to the action of dry sand or dusty atmosphere. And the ability to store and run.
Common fault handling of sand dust test chamber:
1. The dustproof test box is turned on and the instrument is not lit. No power: Check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, and whether there is a neutral line.
2, do not blow dust: check whether the blower is working properly or the fan is too small, check whether the dust is dry.
3. No vibration: Check if the vibration motor is normal.
4. The sand dust test box should be managed by a special person, and the box and blower should be cleaned regularly, and should be maintained by professionals on a regular basis.
5. In order to stably play the function and performance of the test box, the space with a normal temperature of 15 to 25 degrees and a relative humidity of less than 85% should be selected.
6. The distance between adjacent walls or objects. The ambient temperature of the installation site should not be changed drastically. 5. It should be installed in a place without direct sunlight. It should be installed in a well-ventilated place, away from combustibles, explosives and high-temperature heat sources. The equipment should be installed in places with less dust. It may be installed close to the power supply.
7. The device is out of power: Check if the power supply is normal, check if the phase sequence is normal, and if there is a neutral line.

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