Working principle and maintenance method of ink decoloring tester

Principle of ink bleaching tester: It is used to test the adhesion of the ink to judge the quality of the ink. The machine can be used for dry grinding test, wet grinding test, decolorization change test, paper blur test and special friction test. Ink abrasion test is a test method designed to evaluate the abrasion resistance or abrasion resistance of ink on paper or cardboard. It is also called ink decoloration tester, ink printing decoloration tester, ink decoloration tester, ink friction tester, It belongs to the most typical type of printing inspection equipment.

Routine maintenance of ink printing decoloration tester

1. Clean the surface of dust and keep the body clean.
2. Check whether the equipment fixture is damaged by corrosion, and replace it immediately if necessary.
3. When starting the equipment, check whether the fan is running normally and there is no abnormal sound. If there is any abnormality, immediately shut down the equipment and notify the maintenance worker for maintenance.
4. When the charging (discharging) is turned on, whether the indicator of the corresponding channel is on normally. If the indicator is not on normally, notify the maintenance worker for maintenance

Monthly maintenance
1. Check if the vent is blocked and clean up the accumulated dust.
2. Check whether the equipment current and voltage are normal and whether the line is aging.
3. Check if the fan is running normally.
4. Clean the dust inside the equipment (do not allow contamination on the PCB board and power supply to affect the performance of the equipment during cleaning).

Half year maintenance
1. Check if the lines and switches are normal.
2. Check whether all the power of the equipment is normal.
3. The transformer insulation is not less than 5 megohms. If it is not reached, the transformer must be dried again.
4. Make full-range adjustments to the adjustable mechanical parts, the number of times is not less than 3 times.
5. Calibration of the equipment accuracy is required every 2 maintenances.


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