5 Xenon Lamp Test Conditions And Standard

Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber Structure

Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber has six kinds of environmental factors such as light, rain, condensation, temperature, humidity and wind. It is a comprehensive environmental testing machine equipment. Xenon lamp weathering test chamber has six kinds of environmental factors such as light, rain, condensation, temperature, humidity and wind. It is a comprehensive environmental testing machine equipment. It can combine six factors independently or organically. Type test. Using a xenon arc lamp capable of simulating the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves in different environments can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test basis for scientific research, product development and quality control.
First, the main structure of Xenon lamp weather aging test chamber:
1. The box body is machined and formed by CNC machine tools. The model is beautiful and generous, and it adopts a non-reversing handle. It is easy to operate. The inner gallbladder adopts imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panels, and the outer gallbladder is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness.
2. The equipment is mainly divided into the main part, heating, humidification, cooling and dehumidification, display control, air conditioning, safety protection and other accessories.
3. With a diameter of 50mm test hole for external test power line or signal line use.
4, Xenon lamp aging test chamber control system: temperature and humidity control instruments using domestic high-precision digital micro-computer integrated controller; accuracy: 0.1 °C (display range); resolution ± 0.1 °C; temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature measurement body, PID self-adjusting regulator can complete constant temperature and humidity control and program control
5. Control mode: thermal balance thermostat mode; temperature and humidity control using P. I. D + SSR system co-channel coordination control; with automatic calculation function, can immediately modify the temperature and humidity conditions, so that the temperature and humidity control Accurate and stable
6. The device running timing controller: direct display control lighting / temperature time program. (touch screen)
7. Tired device: record the exposure time (irradiation time or total exposure time can be visually displayed).
8. Photo board thermometer: display blackboard temperature.
9. The xenon lamp aging test box door frame is equipped with silicone rubber sealing strips.
10. There is a covered glass observation window on the front of the box to prevent the rays from damaging the eyes.
11. A stainless steel sample holder.
12. The cumulative time of the test: a maximum of 999.9 hours.
13. Working hours of Xenon lamp: It can accumulate, with a maximum of 999.9 hours.
14. Compressor: Original imported French Taikang closed compressor
15. Using multi-wing blower strong air circulation, to avoid any dead ends, can make the temperature distribution in the test area evenly. The air circulation and air return design of the air circulation system, the wind pressure and the wind speed meet the test standards, and it can make the instant temperature of the door open to stabilize quickly. Heating, cooling and complete system independence increase efficiency, reduce test costs, increase life, and reduce failure rates.
16. Xenon lamp aging test box safety protection device L: overall equipment over temperature; overall equipment under-phase / reverse phase; overall equipment overload; refrigeration unit overpressure; overall equipment timing; other leakage, operation instructions, automatic shutdown after fault alarm And other protection.
Second, the three structures of the Xenon lamp aging test chamber
The xenon lamp aging test box is also called xenon arc weathering test box. It is a photo aging test box with a xenon lamp as light source and simulates climate conditions such as rainfall, temperature and humidity, condensation, etc. It is currently divided into water cooling, air cooling, and desktop Three structural forms and aging methods are widely used in automotive, paint, electronics, aerospace, scientific research and other fields.
a) Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber structure:
Water cooling refers to the use of a water-cooled xenon lamp tube as the light source, and the box structure is a standard vertical type. As it relates to the water cooling cycle of the lamp tube, a circulating water tower device is placed on the top of the box. The inside of the test chamber adopts a water-cooled lamp tube that is placed vertically. The lamp tube is surrounded by clips. The fixture and the bottom turntable are integrated to form a test sample rack. The overall structure is a cylindrical structure. Before the test, the sample material was clamped on the sample holder so that the light radiated from the lamp irradiates the sample surface. At the beginning of the test, the turntable started to rotate and the radiation source was aged.
b) Air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber structure:
Due to the large difference between the power of the air-cooled xenon lamp and the water-cooled xenon lamp, the water-cooled test box uses three air-cooled lamp tubes instead of the always-water-cooled lamp tube, and the water tower device can be omitted, simplifying the equipment structure. The three lamps are horizontally placed on the top of the inner bladder and are vertically irradiated on the surface of the sample below. There is no particular restriction on the state of the sample material, which satisfies a variety of material product tests.
c) Desktop Xenon lamp aging test box structure:
Desktop is also called desktop, portable, and simple. It is a device that can be put on a table for aging test. It can be said to be an air-cooled mini version. The desktop uses an air-cooled or water-cooled lamp tube on the top of the interior of the tank and is exposed to light and light. Because of its simple structure and convenient use, it is widely used in many research institutes and universities.

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